Sunday, September 28, 2008

United nation!!

Last night was a blast..hehe..

Had loads and loads of fun..

We did the bbq-ing early that afternoon and we had a minor pre-fire experience.Sabry's kitchen was full of smoke.Ok at least nothing was caught on fire and the bbq chickens were all safe.. 0_0
We played the 'bunga api' and some 'badil'..

Some proof of that night gathering

YAY!! The bunga api...I think these were lighted up by Nanie and Zian

The culprit in action wahaha..You should see him run after he lighted them up..

The culprit after he lighted the badil...hehe

Our fairy godmother..*hugs* hehe

Fairy godmother and Cinderella(?)

Nanie, Zura and Zian being all cute.

Sabry, Mar, Lina and Me...
I just realized we didn't took group photos of all us.

There will be a part two..So stay tuned..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crucial Moment

I am very tired this past few days.

Last Friday morning after was almost perfect and I was happy I started my morning by opening the 2 days due friendship gifts. And my parents wanted to go out that morning. And so a bad news came my grandmother was ill. I was really shocked, I prayed hard for nothing bad will happen. And so we went to my uncle's house thats where my grandmother is staying.

I couldn't describe the feelings i felt when I saw her on the bed. Supressing my tears from falling down, my dad was already beside her. My aunts started to cry and I cried silently. And everything was coming to me like a flash.The memories I had with her when I was small. Oh god, I was so scared.

My dad insisted on bringing her to the hospital.. and in the end she was brought to the hospital using an ambulance. It was a good thing to bring her there.
She can't speak she just keep wailing her arms. We don't know what she wants. It was painful to see her like that.

And she looks a bit better but she still can't speak, we don't know the reason. Maybe it was because her throat was dry for a long time. The doctor also don't know why.

It's tiring to go to and fro the hospital. But it's for her best. At least the doctors know what they are doing.

I hope you get well soon grandma.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crazy over you

I am feeling agood today..

Today is the 6th day of Ramadhan, I am on my 6th day of fasting.I hope I could fulfill 29days of it.

There is only about 7days more to go before school ends and reopens on the 6th of October.