Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Going on a short trip again!!!YAY!!

I am going on a short trip..Going to SINGAPORE again..YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!
It is only a short one will be back here on the 11th.. And this time I am going to get my hands on that matter how much it cost.Wahahahaha..
I am going with my 3friends excluding Nanie, she can't join cause of a health problem.So I am going with Mar, Liza and Lina a.k.a Luch.. I will be going in just a few hours..Oh i really can't wait. Our flight is at 6pm..I am sooo excited..

Ok Singapore here I come..I am going to buy more DBSK's posters and ofcourse Jae's poster too(thats a must)

Wish me luck..Adios Brunei.Will be seeing u in 2days..