Thursday, December 13, 2007

Leaving Brunei...

I'll be leaving Brunei in just a hours...*jumps around
And I hope to meet two friends there Roxxi and Rockie...I had a busy time packing..(Hate packing).Need to organize many things..Very tired..And now couldn't sleep, will have to be at the airport at 6am onwards...My flight is at 8am,arrive there at 10am..

So now I am going to sleep..Have to have lots of energy there..If not going to sulk all week..
Ok I'll be back next week..

My horoscope>>
You have a bit too much on your plate right now. So today, try to just let go of some of it. Part of the stress you are going through (if not all of the stress you are going through) is self-inflicted. So if you can get yourself to see things in a more carefree way, you will start to feel more carefree overall. Your emotions might be clouded up, but that is because you are distracted. Turn away from your personal worries by getting involved in positive, fun things with friends.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1 more day to go...

Look for promising signs of progress in one of your newer relationships (either romantic or professional) today. You are finally getting some traction. Your charm is all you need to seal the deal, so unleash it without any limits. The time to play conservatively is over. Now you must act, and act boldly. Just like when you go fishing, when you feel that tug on the line, let them nibble a bit before you hook them and reel them in. Let them take the decisive bite.

Wuhuu....I had a wonderful but kinda out of Planned day today..I went out at 6.30am to accompany Nanie to LimVang..(hehehe)So we arrived at around 8.30am or less couldn't exactly remember..And so we went to find the salon and how lucky are we??Yea the shop was close..And it won't be opening till tomorrow.What luck.So we headed back home..and instantly we thought of going to KB..So that's when our crusin' around Brunei starts..After the crusin' later in the afternoon we went to Stadium for exercise..Didn't stay long,coz it was going to rain.

And then went for a drink at La Mee..the internet connection wasn't good,I was frustrated arghh...and so in the end we end up going to WyWy(good ol WyWy).And here is my updated blog. I haven't finish packing up my things..arghhh I hate packing.I end up bringing lots of unnecessary things..But then YAY can't wait to go on that vacation...YAhooo....

Oh btw I want to wish my dearest friend (Mac) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Happy...3more days to go...

Your emotional sensitivity could be running a bit high today, and you could fall into a temporary super-self-conscious phase. So if you are convinced someone keeps staring at you, make sure you're not sitting under a clock! The way other people are thinking and feeling will impact you, but it should not unduly affect how you act. Get some distance from all these emotional influences. Instead, focus on the things that interest you the most. Get back in touch with people later.

Three more days before me off to Singapore for my vacation.. I really can't get enough of Singapore it is like my 2nd home..Me going to shop shop shop..I hope I am going to meet my online friends there..I can't wait...Uniquely Singapore..Katy is going to land there...Watch out..