Monday, December 15, 2008


Shopping spree time. I'll be going to Singapore tomorrow. On the 8am flight. That is so early man.. Oh another trip? I know I am going bonkers.HAHAHAHAHA
Ok So I won't be here till next week. Ok..Don't miss me much. Cause I won't.HAHAHA kidding kidding.

So just give me a message if you miss me.

Oh, when I get back.I will for sure update something. Maybe some old news thing. Hey better than nothing. Right see you around.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


OMG there are still uncivilised person out there. What year are we in??

Here is what happen, my Level 3 Japanese class started today. As I was on my way, I was already late and I wanted to be there on time. And so I wanted to overtake this car in front of me, I right signaled to overtake it and this car behind me wanted to overtake too. But I was going fast and didn't disturb anyone but then out of nowhere there was a car which I think is the one previously behind me, following me really really close I couldn't just take the left lane immediately cause I was going really fast. When I did take the left lane he was looking at me, HELLO????? I did take the left lane. And you what he did next he went right in front of me on the left lane and goes on an extremely slow pace. URGGHHHHH what does he intend to do??? I was really catching my time, I wasn't there to race. So I overtook him again and went insanely fast. And GUESS what he was catching on to me until I went to UBD's road.

What kind of person is that?? This is the problem with drivers nowadays. Where are the insanity where is the brain of these kind of people?? Please oh please wake up. Come on if you are just teasing people then please don't drive. That driver was just behind me.. I was never infront right from the start. I was going fast and not slow.

I know going fast in wrong. But doing like what the guy did is extremely not smart and ofcourse not the way it should be done. I am just so pissed off. If that guy was just playing and teasing like that then i pray for his safetyness. Really uncivilised, rude, unmannered people still live in this world what a shock.

Remember we are not just the one livng in this world, grow up, think rationally. If you don't how can you manage to go further. To ALL PEOPLE PLEASE be CONSIDERATE next time.

What a day to remember. I am still shaking. Arrghhh really unsatisfied with this and I also forgot the license plate number. Ah what to do, but I know I was never wrong.I think I more calmer now. Need to sleep have to go work tomorrow. Have to do the schedule