Thursday, May 15, 2008

Worse and Worst...

Things aren't going my way, I can see that.

Last night when I was about to switch on my night lamp there was a sudden boom, well i came from my my lamp of course. So I took out the bulb and exchange it with a new one. What I didn't realise was my laptop is also shut down. And so I tried to switch on everything. So poor poor me..Every socket in my room doesn't work.

And earlier last night, I wanted to download dbsk's vid, but it there was error.How frustrated was I.

And so I went and got ready for my Nihongo class. As I was on my way, the typhoon or strong and not to mention a very heavy rain (just a minor one) has just happen to come.

But this was considered ok rather than my food poisoning incident. I can still feel the pain. And now, I was trying to close one window when I don't know what happen it just closes all the windows.In which one of it was me trying to upload a video that I have waited ages to finish..

Oh I forgot to mention that my download manager only doesn't download avi files but other than avi, it goes perfectly well. BUT WHAT AM I GOING to DL when MOSTLY ALL videos are in avi. ARGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I need something to cheer me up..

Gahhhhh...I better go to sleep maybe..

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day...

I love you Mom.You are the greatest...

I just saw this sad movie..It was a sad love story..And now I can't stop crying..Aish..Ah well we do need a good cry once in a while don't we.
I'll share it next time..

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fallen leaves

Last Sunday was a bit shocking to me..My father's bestfriend just died. *taking a moment
He had a bit of a health problem, he just got of the hospital a week ago. My father last saw him a week ago in the hospital. It's is surprised it really is. When I saw my father came back from the burial I couldn't help but shed a tear (not in front of him ofcourse).
And now I have been thinking bout my old bestfriends. It a rare oppurtunity for us to meet nowadays, everyone is busy with their own things. But I just want to say that the are precious to me. I really cherished the moments we spend together.Now I am going emotional..I'll post a video I made last year nest time. Dedicated to my old friends, my bestfriends.

Now please take a moment to say the prayers for my father's friend.