Thursday, November 29, 2007

Emo Emu...=_=


Pull back your focus a little bit, there -- you are only seeing one small aspect of a huge (and growing) situation. What you think is a potentially drastic problem is really nothing to get worked up about. What you may not realize is that other people are involved, and they have been doing a killer job of holding up their end of things. So if you step back and look at the big picture today, it will become immediately apparent that not everything has been resting on your shoulders. You can let go a bit.

This morning we had a mini convocation for our students who had miraculously pass their PSR. It was small but kinda grand occasion. 4 of our students pass with outstanding result. They look on their face was really indescribable.. Well some of them had tears welling up in their eyes. And I was trying very hard not to cry with them. After 7years in Primary school now they are going to step up in life into a much broader path. I envy them..I really do. Not in a bad way but just the little things they have. Their pure and innocent ways. Their simple life, not bothering bout the big things, not worrying bout how to make money or earn money, make a living, pay the rent, getting married and those sort of stuff..

I once had that kind thinking way back when I was young being playful, just wake up the next morning and think on how to make my crush notice me..*sighs dreamily. Well isn't that true..or on what new games can I play with my friends. Just those simple things.. I envy the simple way of living these kids have nowadays.. And now I am an emo Emu.. The rain is not here but my tears are trying to shower my face..Maybe it's coming to the end of the year, an emotional time of the year..maybe that's what I felt right now.

I have been rambling nonsense, wayyyyy out of track. Back to our occasion, the parents were really happy to see their sons and daughters on stage to receive their certificates (school made certificate) and awards. I'll post some pictures on it when I have transfer them into my computer.

Now I am at the gym.There not many people coming here, 1 reason is because its pay day (well actually pay day was the day before yesterday) and it's a Thursday night people are out enjoying themselves.And I couldn't stop thinking bout random things.. And for no sanely reason I cried here while typing this update. Aish..what am I thinking..

I better stop here..And not forgetting I want to wish my friend Happy Birthday!! Sorry I didn't had a chance to take photo with you.. I'll make it up on Saturday ok..

Emo Emu signing off...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Things that are mended after they are broken would never be the same again. It will be too fragile to hold. Afraid that it would break even with the slightest touch...

It's really true..even relationship and I mean any type of relationship...friendship, lovers. Once they are broken it's really hard to make it the same again as if there are no cracks..Even making the littlest or smallest mistake we are afraid that it couldn't be mend again..

This is just a small thought I have thunk for today..

A scene that I like very much..It was taken in December 2004, a small lake in Stoke-On-Trent.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

2...3... Cha Cha Cha

Not everyone is as picture-perfect as they seem at first glance today -- there are interesting nuances that only someone with a skeptical eye (like you) can see. You might notice some beautiful imperfections in someone new that make you all the more intrigued. People are saying things they don't mean, so if you're getting the cold shoulder, stick around and wait things out. You may be greeted much more warmly under different circumstances, so try again another day.

I learn Cha Cha today..Last week was Waltz..Which of the two was fun??Both was challenging for a new beginner like me.
I learn many new things this year.. so fun fun..Next year aiming for something new..

Now I am at the restaurant, I came here right after gym...Didn't want to eat, but I was hungry.
This morning we had a Teacher's Day celebration.It was ok ok la..My number was pick for the lucky draw.And I got food, well better than one of my friend, she got a box of tissue.hehehe...

Aish now my laptop battery is running low. Tommorrow I am going to wake up work, and then in the afternoon I am going to see a musical concert. Which I think will boost my interest in learning Piano..

2...3...Cha Cha Cha


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Being bored and relaxing around

My horoscope>>

It's not universally true that opposites attract, but you've been noticing some hot magnetic energy between two very different (and very single) people in your life. You are in a position to put them in the same room together. Are you up for the matchmaking task? Think about what it's like on the other end of things and subtly dig for some clues about how interested these two parties may be. Follow your gut, and if you're ready to connect these hot dots, do it!

Right who should I match make??I haven't notice any hot magnetic energy between two very different people in my life??? Hmmm?? Ah well..I havent posted up anything for a while now. Too many work?? Yea right..Havent been going to the gym very often. What do I always do lately?? Basically off from work goes online check and read fanfics finding bout DBSK...then goes out to the cafe and goes online there spending around 3hours..doing what?? reading videos on youtube of DBSK..organizing facebook..which I havent master anything yet. Bleh...(oh BTW I think the people in the restaurant are fed up to see us, everyday.We pay for food!! It's not like we didn't order anything.)

Aish...My life hasn't been more happier each day. I can't wait for the holiday.I want to go on a vacation..Been longing for it. Arrghhh....

I am so bored...Just feel like to write nonsense today. Ok now I have a little gift...

Mary had a little lamb (baaaa...)

little lamb (baaaa...)

little lamb(baaaa...)

Mary had a little lamb (baaaa...)

I am so so so sorry to any friend if I have in any way offended her with this song. I LOVE YOU...

These boys are very very HOT everyone please remain on their seats and please wipe of your drools..

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hormones changing..
Hate this time of the month where u get emotional all of a sudden.

But just gonna have to get through this..

Just wanted to post some random pics
Isn't he cute???
Me and my friends at another friend's house
At the gym...
Don't remember when this was taken.