Saturday, July 30, 2011


Does life always goes on with complaints for other people? Can we live without it? Have we ever felt what the person that we complaints feels? Can't we just see on the brighter side of things. Sometimes I too can't help but take the negative side of things. But I sometimes reason with people on taking the positive side. We know that each and everyone of us are totally different even identical twins isn't identical in the behaviour. We have our own special traits and abilities.

Let's not burden people with unnecessary problem. If they are working under you, talk to them professionally. If they are your friends have a chat to understand them better. If they are strangers don't judge them based on what you see. I know its more easy talking than doing, but if we apply this everyday , eventually we will get use to it. Take the positive side of things look on the bright side.

Let's keep on moving.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I decided to deactivate my Facebook accounts last week,its an indefinite deactivation. I am sorry to have caused some inconveniences due to my decision. Running away is not a choice I know that but I have to do what I know is right. I am very tired at trying hard and working hard.

Jia you to me...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Intuition.. How far do you believe at it or how true is it. I believe in my intuitions, it usually is correct. But it's either we choose to ignore it or just go with it. And now there is this pang in my heart that won't go away. I feel like wanting to cry but I am too stubborn to do it. Maybe I need a heart wrenching movie to make me cry. Once I cry my tears will just flow like river. I have mixed emotions right now. What can I do? Where do I turn to? Who can I confide in? Who can I trust? What should I do?

I always bottled up my feelings. I am not confident enough, sometimes I feel that my problems aren't big and just some trivial matters that aren't important to let out. I feel that it will only be a burden to others. Other people have their own matters and problem to think about. But I don't mind if my friends confide in me. What I need right now is a hug and someone to tell that everything is going to be alright. *hugs

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

hectic month..

Can't believe that we are already reaching the half year soon.And without noticing it'll soon be the end of year. How time flies fast nowadays. Sometimes I feel that I just can't wait to reach that certain period of time or just looking forward for something soon. Like the holiday season and ofcourse the school holiday which is in just a week time. Or to be exact 12days. YAY!!! excited much??!! Hell Yeah. :D

But then there is also a part of me where I want time to just standstill and let me enjoy the where I spent with my families and my friends. Its a loss when we get too busy where we only see each other on a hi or hello. People always say age is just a number but the thing is the year past by just like that. This month is a hectic month, we need to close up the first semester. Which means calculating classworks, homeworks, projects and test. I hate numbers, maths is not my thing, calculating gives me headache. hehehehe.. And my school is going to organize a Children's Day. I am in charge of the programme, again.

Really can't wait for my vacation, will be going to Taiwan this year with my friends. My close friends from gym. I have a few sets of friends, there are my friends from gym, my friends from school, my best friends, My best friend's friend which equals to my close friends. And I have to carefully divide my time for them. My best friend/close friends are going to Bandung this holiday. I can't join them cause I already promised my gym friends I'll going with them.

I'm rambling nonsense now, I even bore myself. hahaha.. time for me to go. I have a hair appointment at 2pm and need to finish up some work before knock out time. See you soon. Hectic month will be saying bye bye to you soon. :D

Monday, April 11, 2011

With Love..

I love piano... I love the music produced by pianos.. I learned the basic of playing piano for 2years. Then I quit.. Not that I don't love it anymore, just that I can't spare anytime for it. I stop learning last year. Which is also the time where I didn't blog anything. I am now listening to the song from a Japanese drama called With Love, it's actually an instrumental Once in Blue Moon. Soothing I can tell you. I used to hear this song to sleep. And that was about 15yrs ago. Now everytime I listen to it, it always brings that nostalgic feelings. When I was in high school,I would stay up late talking on the phone with my bestfriend. We chat about everything, new songs, which is our favourite boyband member (Backstreet Boys era). The sad thing is I haven't seen my bestfriends for months. And my guy bestfriend, we are only contacting through facebook. I haven't talk to him personally. Its funny when you think about it. After coming home from school, one of us will call the other. Hangs up then at night we will be on the phone again. I think we were overly close and now we just ran out of things to say. I know that we just don't have the interest like what we have before. And before us realising it we drifted apart bit by bit.. And my girl bestfriend is married have two kids and another one on the way. I miss her so so so much. She will always have my heart as her bestfriend. Love her so much.. With Love..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Its raining again today.And its 2.50pm now. The wind is blowing really strong, I even got push by the wind and I weigh like how much..the wind is sure strong for this 2 days. woooossssshhhhh... ^__^

I suddenly felt sad this morning, betrayed maybe. And I was thinking if it was karma coming to slap me in the face. Have I ever done it to someone else? Nothing in life is free. You do something bad if don't repent it it'll come back and haunt you. If you do good stuff there will be lots of obstacles in order for us to screw it up. I feel a bit disappointed and if I ever did any wrongs to my friends before this I hope I will have a chance to make it up to them in some ways. From the bottom of my heart I apologize.

I miss going to the gym. I am hoping that I'll be coming to gym again next week. Need to discipline my exercise and eating habit soon. Oh it stop raining. :D

Ok I better get myself finishing the worksheet for tomorrow's lesson.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tiring day

The morning started out with rain. I was wishing hard for a miracle to happen. hehehe.. that is to just stay in bed for another 2hrs at least. Cluster observation part one was today. I wasn't one of them that they observed. Maybe I'll be next in the 2nd part which will be in June maybe. Anyway.... Had a very unprogressive day afterwards.

Its now 9pm in the evening. And want to retire really early. Before that I would like to wish Happy Friendship DAy to my beloved honey bunny bestfriend Mar & Nan. I love you both lots. Hope that our friendship will forever stay strong and we will have many more to ocme. Hugs and Kisses!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I am back...

AHhhhhhhhh It's goood to be back!!!! I miss you blog. How has it been? 2yrs? A lot has happen in this two years. Been busy too. Hope I am back for good.