Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A perfect ending for October...

Wishes came true

I have no more things to say...This picture says it all. Couldn't describe my happiness. Just that this is the perfect ending for October and the month of my birthday.. Thanks Chun and comeback soon.

Beautiful Wednesday??


There is a huge risk of overreaction today -- either on your part, or on the part of the people you are talking to. You can't anticipate how other people will react, so do not try to censor yourself in anticipation of a blowout. You will only end up confusing yourself and diluting your message. It's a much better strategy to carry on as you normally would, and deal with any emotional outbursts as they come. Roll with the punches and you might even have fun coming up with a solution.

What huge risk overreaction??Having a headache now...Surfing online reading fanfics..Gonna renew my FZ membership today.I'll do it later..

Oh I was just thinking..More to I have thought about this before.That I should write down my dreams.Dreams as in when u r sleeping. Ok i had a dream this morning, I've had this kind of dream before. Well it was where I am pregnant. I can feel my stomach and it was hard. But no husband appeared..I dreamed of being pregnant like three times already..But the 1st two was long ago. But all i remembered was i was happily pregnant but i don't seem to know if a husband exists.Aisshh..Well i dont knw what it meant. But i hope it is something good.'s now 3.30pm.I'm still reading fanfics and watching video on youtubes.I'm obsessed with Jaeho now.I am always obsessed with everything.hehehe... to stop now.Need to read fanfics..
Oh What a beautiful Wednesday... Huh I wish..
(I wish..I wish..I wish..)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chances flew away....

I know this day hasn't ended yet, but i need to write this up before i get lazy...hehehehe...
Ok woke really eary today, I have to fetch my dad from the airport.He went to Japan how lucky of him...I haven't got the chance to there yet.Well anyway just the same routine, waited at the restaurant before my dad arive.When the plane landed, we got down the arrival hall.

It was boring to wait.But then like 15mins waiting I saw a guy walk out, with a cap and sunglasses. I was speechless, I just murmured Wu.....Ch..Ch..Chun.
How happy and excited was I to see him.I was pretty excited.I took out my camera from my bag(note: please don't leave home without your camera.)I didn't know what to do?Come up to him and take photo?(I should) But I didn't ever got to do it.How stupid.
I lost many chances..And there I was walking aimlessly whether or not to take photo with him.What was I thinking??(Actually I was thinking I am not well dress, I look horrible.bla bla bla).

And all this while I was talking about 2nd chances being given to us and fate brought together, up to us to choose.And I didn't even listen to what I say.Argghhh...I was given many chances.Many many chances.But I spoilt it all. If i ever get then chance again and I blew it, I better kill myself.Argghhh!!!! Tomorrow is another chance...I must I really must walk up to him and say "Chun..take photo with me".No more reason what so ever.Just walk up to him.Ok! challenge myself. Ok Frens support me.Love u guys a lot.

Miss my friends so much..I miss all of them. Wish things were back to normal. I wish..I wish..I wish..

Important Note to myself...Please be prepared,always look ur best when going out.U never know who u r going to meet.Always bring ur camera n charge ur handphone.Please remember this!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sunday's event...

My Sunday was ok.. had to wake up early, need to send my colleagues and students to Singapore for a 5days twinning program. Will be coming back on Friday the 26th. Reached the airport nearly 9am.Aish.. There were many ppl, had a hard time to find a parking space.

There were so many ppl. I planned to stay just for a while coz I have to be back home before 11.30am but then I end up staying there till they got inside.

Had to rush home as I had to meet my frens at 11.30 SHARP! It was already 10.15 when I left the airport. Reach home 15mins later. Took a quick shower and dressed really quick. I arrived at my fren's house at 11.25am.Well we end leaving her house around noon.*sighs* It wasnt sharp after all.

We went to alot of houses that day. There was this one house my fren's colleague, she have a very cute baby boy. He was so cute..He is only 3-4months. Arghhh I love that baby. Everybody love that baby was so cute not to be loved.

We had fun, but felt tired and so unenergetic. Arggh the next day is a Monday good ol' Monday, 'favourite' day of the week. Luckily I have something to look forward to which is the launch of latest Bady Balance at Fitness Zone (FZ). I'll tell all about Monday on the next post.Something hilarious had happened.
This is the baby that I was talking about.He is cute right..Oh btw this is my fren..Credits to her in appearing.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back to work...

Back to work...After a 10days off from work my brain is still not switch on yet. It will take days for this.
What else happen today? Let me check..Basically nothing special, just that I wanted to go home early and sleep.But then when I reach home my eyes were wide, and no sign of wanting to go to sleep.
Oh yes my fren Liza msg me and wanted to go out coz she was bored to death. But no one was available and she said that she will just sit and rot in her house with the spiders and grow white hairs.
Hahahahaha....So being as I am, I said if I come back early then we can go hang out at Mar's.(note: this is not a planet, it is my fren called Mar).

Well in the end we didn't hang out, coz still no one is available. And it was raining heavily. And I end up sleeping early. Coz on Sunday we go 'beraya' again.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Mixed up...

Mixed up? Messed up? Hmmmm....
Well I have this slight mixed up and messed feelings lately.And emo too..I dunno y..Maybe because my hormonal changes?(lame excuse)
But many things happen to my friends and surroundings. And this brought me to the thinking mode. Think! Think! Think!Rationally, Unrationally.
Do stupid things when u r not thinking straight.Make wrong decisions when u r not thinking straight. How to do things right?How to make things better? Which side r u on when friends fight? What will u do if if u r stuck with a yes and a no? Sacrifice life for love? To love or be loved?(Tiara's line. Borrow 4 a while ah.thnx).Smile when u r sad?Cry when u r happy?
Things get complicated when u think too much?But then if u don't will it go away?'Go with the flow' but actually what is go with the flow.Which flow r we going?

Wish that things are easier done than said. And not the way around. Ok my friends...keep on fighting!!! Gambatte!! Jia You!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week to remember...

A week to remember.A lot happen in the past weeks. Went shopping to Miri on the 5th not the ultimate shopping spree la...Just did a shop shop..I had lots and loads of fun. We had view of a 'beautiful river' (Mar, my friend telling us) on the way to pick Zura my other friend. That was hilarious... I am so sorry my friend, no hard feelings kay...But it was hilarous, even her sister joked about it.

Did my facial on the 10th, my manicure in the 11th, and a bit of cleaning and preparing the house on the 12th.Our 1st day of Syawal on the 13th. Many relatives came. It was nice a bit tiring thou.I had to train my niece to serve guest.In the evening I went to my friends house to eat Laksa...YUMMY....Had a fabulous time. 2nd day was just ok.Not many ppl came, but my parents and I went to my aunt's house just next door. In the evening, my friend brings me n Nan to her friend open house.Had a great time there.

Oh yea forgot bout that little rescuing thing on the 10th..It was at the beginning maybe a bit stressful?But in the end it turns out to be fun.We get to see cute guys.hehehe...So cute, that I tried not to laugh when he kinda made corny jokes. What a night to remember...Won't ever forget it.

I am more and more in LOVE with DBSK..Dong Bang Shin Ki, Tohoshinki..These boys are soooo talented.Why oh Why didn'y I ever notice them before..I thought they were just looks no talents *smacks head. They are really drawing me in..I love their song Balloon and the mv is just soooo cute..And they are adorable..I have been my spending my time watching them.But I don't have anyone to spazz them with.I am only doing all my fangirling to myself..So sad..But I am going to share this with you guys..Enjoy!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Turning back the time

Ever regret of doing things?
Ever think that you wish time could be turned back ? The 'if's'. If i didn't met him, and the If this if that.I spend time thinking about this.
Lets say that it can be undone,we go back in time and changes everything. Would it be for the best or for the worst? Will we be what we are today?Are we going to be more happy?

Everybody says People are human beings always make mistakes.. Some even say we r given 2nd chance. How true is it?Only ourself will know. Its not the the "groundhog day" type of chances where we relive the same day over and over again but in a similar but different type of situation and its up to us to make the right choices.

Its like taking route A and route B where route A is the longest way and Route B is the shortest way. If u have taken Route A before would u take the same route again when u know its a long and winding road?

But then People say 'Things happen for a reason'. Lets just hope it is for a good reason.

These are some things that I wanted out of my chest.Just sharing my thoughts to everyone.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A new start??

Dedicated for my *ahem* birthday, I wanted to start a blog.I may not update it regularly but I'll try my best.

Things i want to do/ goals i want to achieve:
1. Lose weight(this has been here ages)
2. Learn more languages (espc Japanese)
3. Learning self defence (does body combat counts)
4. Upgrade my brain from 30GB to 80GB (hehehe..)
5. Learn how to play the piano.
6. Wants to buy a certain 'orgasmic rocking chair' for my room.
7. Earn more money to do all the stuffs I mentioned above. (No money no talk man!!)
(P/S: To a certain fren no I won't sell banana fritters :P)

Ok for my 1st blog.Gosh I don't know where to start.One thing for sure was that I feel extra extra happy today. A lot of my friends remembered my birthday.YAY!!
But I was wondering whats with me n purple. I wore purple to work and when I when out with my friends in the evening I also wore purple. I didn't notice it at first. I guess purple was my lucky colour.

In the afternoon I did a movie with my movie maker not a movie movie but a movie clip. Of which I think was crap. Oh well its not like I was making a box office movie.heheh..
I also chatted with Tiara, she made me high on dose.So sorry Tiara, u know u made me more n more extra happy.Can't wait for your present..

I also got a news that my friend just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Made me more extra happy knowing that. Coz its on my birthday!!

I went out with my friends, I arrived late coz I woke up late from my afternoon nap.hehehe..We had the breaking fast, altho I had mine in the car on the way to meet them.

We did some(was it some more like alot) photoshoot in the restaurant we make it like we own the place. But then again we always make a scene everywhere we go. The photos will be considered by me to make another movie clip.I am so addicted to it.
The we went shopping. I wasn't but my friends did.

Went to the new cafe. I saw someone I like...another extra happy.. And my friends sang me a birthday song with two slices of cakes (of which was their own cake to be eatan), I was so surprised. I went out to the washroom and came back to the table with a surprise waiting for me. I love you guys...Thanks a million.Will remember and cherish it alwez.

Ok as a summary...I am super duper extravanganzaly (is there such word?) happy.

Things I have done/goals achieved so far..
1. Learnt Mandarin
2. Lost a few kilos
3. Cut my hair, changes my looks completely. I look like a 'de rag'...(To all the 'de rag' take it as a compliment)
4. Started a blog (been wanting to do it since don't know when)

Hokkay..Thousand apologies for my 1st rambling on & on blog. I hope i will and can update regularly.