Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why oh Why??

Flag waving (ngibar bendera) wasn't that bad..
My fren Hjh Sal fetched me up from home around 7.25am well it only took a few minutes from my house to school. We use bus to go to Bandar then arrived there around 8.We had to walk to the specific place that our school was assigned to be at. And so our journey began, and to wait for his Majesty to pass by before we can wave the Burnei's Flag. We only stayed there around 2hours.What did we do in the 2hours??Talking,thats it. I didn't realize the time.

But waiting for the bus was a torture, we were tired and the bus stubbornly didn't want to fetch us where the others are being fetch.ANNNOYING!! The bus driver was a reckless driver, he was bringing children for godsake and ofcourse us teacher.The ride home was a pleasant one I tell you.

Arrived at school around 10.15am.But me and Hjh Sal had to wait for all the students to be picked up by their parents.We had to wait until 11.30am. We beat tired and sleepy. I don't even want to start on cpmplaining parents, it is as if they doesn't care bout their children.Why oh Why???

Oh right Happy Birthday Your Majesty. Ok it is not like he would read this but yea just wanna wish him that.

There was some mixed up in my credit card.I thought it was because I ordered online.Gonna check it at the bank tomorrow.And I ended up disturbing my two friend bout it.Sorry Alia, Sorry Steph, sorry for my silly silly problem.Muaahzz..

I saw the latest DBSK mv Doushitte kimi wa suki ni natte shimattandarou
Sooo heartbreaking I hate that guy, what a jerk.

You wanna see it?

Frustrating right.Well it does happen in real life.
Happy or not yea it does happen to some people.
But who to blame.

I always watched Jang Ri In's I will ad Timeless mv.
A very tear jerking mv.I cried my heart out.Yea Yea I cried, emotional state hits my brain.
I'll post that in the next update.
See ya.

Wave like you never wave before

ARRGHHHHHHHH.......I just made a stupid and carelss mistake in my Japanese exam..
How can it be..I know that thing so well and yet I made a mistake.I only came to realize it on my way home. And I couldn't help but to disturb Stephanie about it..hehehe
I just don't want to know how I did on it.I know I couldn't score the highest marks. And this is what I have been telling my students not to make carelss mistakes always check your answer when you have finish and bla bla bla...

I have to wake very early tomorrow.Our school are one of the 'lucky' schools that were choosen for flag waving in Bandar.It is for His Majesty birthday.So we have to be by side of the road waving our flag.. How 'fun'..The last time I followed this type of thing was in high school.hmmmm..which is like how many centuries ago?? Oh whatever. Wave to the left wave to the right, wave your flag everybody*giggles

Ok like I've said tomorrow is His Majesty birthday, his 62nd birthday.Still looking good there.Not to worry.

Body jam launching is today, which I cannot join due to my Japanese exam.So I also cannot join the challenge, I heard from Boon it was finding coin underneath flour.It was really messy.Sounds like fun, but I know I wouldn't do well..I have a history with the game.I just couldn't blow and keep on laughing.

There is nothing much to share today..
Well I'll just put up some piccies.

1st Gathering 15/6/2008
Me & Boon during Mega Launch

Ruby, Jenny Ha and Rose
At my cousin's wedding

Jaya, Ruby, Boon, Jenny Ha and Bob

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Swing Swing..

May you be bless with happiness and with lots of good things.I love you..

A last minute plan, me, mar and nanie went to the Berakas Recreational Park. We played on the swings and seasaw..Oh Oh and there were monkeys too..Hahaha
It was really fun and memorable..

Me and Mar at the swings.
for children under the age of 12..WAHAHA

Uh Huh 'lovely' pose girlz..Really 'lovely'

We had the Fitness Zone challenge today. We were in the Red team. Rose, Ruby, Jenny Ha, Boon and Me are all in one group. It was fun, todays challenge was shooting the hoops. (basketball)
I really had a hard time to shoot the ball inside the hoops, but I manage to get some in.hehehe..

I also won something for the raffles draw(lucky draw).YAY!!!

My 3days trip to Singapore was fun..hehe..Well when was I never having fun while I am there.

I didn't take many photos with my own camera, I was busy shopping.Wahaha.And that reminds me to take the photos from Mim..

Here are the ones I took by myself.

I was sitting below food republic
while drinking my starbucks. Just watching the night view and the people ofcourse.

This was so cool, I took some photos inside those keyholes and there were jewelries and shoes inside.

On my way back to the Hotel..I went back around 12am.
I had lots of fun walking and wandering around.