Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Intuition.. How far do you believe at it or how true is it. I believe in my intuitions, it usually is correct. But it's either we choose to ignore it or just go with it. And now there is this pang in my heart that won't go away. I feel like wanting to cry but I am too stubborn to do it. Maybe I need a heart wrenching movie to make me cry. Once I cry my tears will just flow like river. I have mixed emotions right now. What can I do? Where do I turn to? Who can I confide in? Who can I trust? What should I do?

I always bottled up my feelings. I am not confident enough, sometimes I feel that my problems aren't big and just some trivial matters that aren't important to let out. I feel that it will only be a burden to others. Other people have their own matters and problem to think about. But I don't mind if my friends confide in me. What I need right now is a hug and someone to tell that everything is going to be alright. *hugs

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

hectic month..

Can't believe that we are already reaching the half year soon.And without noticing it'll soon be the end of year. How time flies fast nowadays. Sometimes I feel that I just can't wait to reach that certain period of time or just looking forward for something soon. Like the holiday season and ofcourse the school holiday which is in just a week time. Or to be exact 12days. YAY!!! excited much??!! Hell Yeah. :D

But then there is also a part of me where I want time to just standstill and let me enjoy the where I spent with my families and my friends. Its a loss when we get too busy where we only see each other on a hi or hello. People always say age is just a number but the thing is the year past by just like that. This month is a hectic month, we need to close up the first semester. Which means calculating classworks, homeworks, projects and test. I hate numbers, maths is not my thing, calculating gives me headache. hehehehe.. And my school is going to organize a Children's Day. I am in charge of the programme, again.

Really can't wait for my vacation, will be going to Taiwan this year with my friends. My close friends from gym. I have a few sets of friends, there are my friends from gym, my friends from school, my best friends, My best friend's friend which equals to my close friends. And I have to carefully divide my time for them. My best friend/close friends are going to Bandung this holiday. I can't join them cause I already promised my gym friends I'll going with them.

I'm rambling nonsense now, I even bore myself. hahaha.. time for me to go. I have a hair appointment at 2pm and need to finish up some work before knock out time. See you soon. Hectic month will be saying bye bye to you soon. :D