Saturday, July 30, 2011


Does life always goes on with complaints for other people? Can we live without it? Have we ever felt what the person that we complaints feels? Can't we just see on the brighter side of things. Sometimes I too can't help but take the negative side of things. But I sometimes reason with people on taking the positive side. We know that each and everyone of us are totally different even identical twins isn't identical in the behaviour. We have our own special traits and abilities.

Let's not burden people with unnecessary problem. If they are working under you, talk to them professionally. If they are your friends have a chat to understand them better. If they are strangers don't judge them based on what you see. I know its more easy talking than doing, but if we apply this everyday , eventually we will get use to it. Take the positive side of things look on the bright side.

Let's keep on moving.

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